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The aim for the enduro motorcyclists is to travel around Georgia by using different DOSAAF routes known in former Soviet Union and to explore places that are less known - that are not tourist destinations impossible to reach via on foot or with car. Participants of the expedition - Baizeļi are four childhood friends - Andis Pikāns, Oskars Prauliņš and Normunds Kalve.


Tenth day: Svanetian towers. Gamarjoba!

2015-05-27 Diaries of motorcyclers: Georgia

The village Langeria is located only 1 km from Mestia, but it has seven towers, which are called ‘koshka’ by the Svans. Most of them are owned by the Guledani family and aunt Nuno and she is particularly proud of one of them.

Ninth day: Svanetian traditions and lifestyle

2015-05-26 Diaries of motorcyclers: Georgia

Gija, the owner of the tower, demonstrates us his agricultural equipment. It is the reality in many Svaneti’s farms.

8th day. Visiting Svan people.

2015-05-25 Diaries of motorcyclers: Georgia

From Zugdidi we have a chance to see a beautiful view – the stunning Svanetian mountains where we are heading. There is no traffic on the roads. Only one thing – the livestock shall never be forgotten.

Seventh day. First steps in Georgia

2015-05-24 Diaries of motorcyclers: Georgia

With its 69700 km2 big area Georgia is a bit smaller than Austria or Ireland and by a half smaller than Georgia state in the USA. Half of the teritorry is more than 900 m above the sea level, while one third is covered by woods. Main character when talking about Georgia no doubt is Caucasus, which is located across the Northern border.

6th day. Odessa's charm.

2015-05-23 Diaries of motorcyclers: Georgia

Two days in Odessa dominated by blooming akacia trees are way too short time, but you can try to feel its spirit, flavor and special energy. If before visiting you have had a chance to read Petrov’s and Ilf’s novel „Twelve chairs”, it will give additional value and reinforce the feeling of the place.

5th day. Famous Odessa’s catacombs.

2015-05-19 Diaries of motorcyclers: Georgia

Ferry that provides cargo, vehicle, motorbike and passenger movement between Ukraine (Illichevsk 30 km from Odessa) and Georgia (Batumi) has an irregular schedule around once a week. The biggest load comes from railroad cargoes that dictate the ferry’s schedule which is published approximately one month before.

On The Way to Georgia: Fourth day - Odessa.

2015-05-18 Diaries of motorcyclers: Georgia

From Kiev to Odessa we are separated by 500 kilometers. We are going down the E95 highway which is beaten up and in bad shape. Of course we on our enduro bikes are not affected by it. Traffic on the main road to the South is tiny and we can enjoy riding through blooming rapeseed fields glowing in electric yellow colors.

On the way to Georgia: Third day - Belarus and Ukraine

2015-05-17 Diaries of motorcyclers: Georgia

We can’t stop being delighted about Belarus. Despite the country is quite poor, everywhere around us is in perfect order. Road quality is not the best, but we see no holes on them. Riding with bikes would not be enjoyable but enduro bikes feel wonderful here.

On the way to Georgia: Second day

2015-05-16 Diaries of motorcyclers: Georgia

Weather forecast doesn’t impress us – rain, strong Northern wind and 13-14C air temperature. We prepare our rain equipment and got to bordercrossing point Pāternieki. No queues. At the Latvian side our documents are checked, boxes are not tested and we are blessed to go to Belarus, where procedure takes around two hours – we need to declare bikes, to compare frame numbers and to unpack our boxes to check the content.

On the way to Georgia: First day

2015-05-15 Diaries of motorcyclers: Georgia

At last the journey has begun! Faster to South, to warmer climate, sea and mountains!

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