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1836 journey around Latvia has begun. Follow our route on the map.


1836 - first day of the fourth expedition

2016-08-10 1836 route around Latvia

In the fourth 1836 enduro kilometers expedition from Ziemeļvidzeme town Ape our team has been joined by the best moto freestyle FMX rider in the Baltics- Mārtiņš Aleksandrovičs.

1836 - third day of the third expedition

2016-08-05 1836 route around Latvia

We are awoken by the sound of motor saws that are operating in the nearby forest. The men have worked throughout the night to eliminate the effects of the 3rd July thunderstorm, because the epicenter was here, in Zvārtava parish. Agrita says that the tornado started very suddenly, the muggy swelter turning into a tornado in 15 minutes. This is a great loss for people who own the forest lands, because the trees destroyed by the hurricane can only be used for firewood.

1836 - second day of the third expediton

2016-08-03 1836 route around Latvia

While having our morning coffee and packing, we are joined by Aigars Siliņš, who was a member of stuntman group 'Kurbads' in his youth.

1836 - first day of third expedition

2016-07-28 1836 route around Latvia

After a longer pause, we continue our journey from Naukšēni to Valka. We have been joined by Fredis and Jānis Cimiņš with their Yamahas 250. They are experienced enduro riders, having explored routes around the world. Through the swamps South of Naukšēni district we find great forest trails. Our destination is Spiģu cave.

1836 - second day of the second expedition

2016-06-21 1836 route around Latvia

Awoken by the rounds of the sea, we get ready to continue our journey. It is already quite hot and the ride to Lode is pleasant because the blooming meadows give off an intoxicated aroma.

1836 - start of the second expedition

2016-06-20 1836 route around Latvia

The thunderstorm that messed with our plans for the second expedition has passed and we continue our journey on an early summer morning. The motorcycles have been upgraded with Akrapovic Exhaust system, which has greatly improved the power and sound. The Huskies, as we call our rides, happily slash through the morning and are excited for the change of pavement from asphalt to dirt roads, which are their natural habitat. The team has been joined by Jānis Rozītis, who, as we like to joke, needs to be kept away from magnets, because his bones are still held together by metal parts. Jānis hasn’t been on a dirtbike for some time now, but he thinks all will be well.

1836 - third day

2016-05-30 1836 route around Latvia

The intrusive mosquitoes and the plops crucians make in the pond wake us and we enjoy one more beautiful Latvian May morning. We pack up and go explore the old Ipiķi School which was built in 1939. Sadly, it is vandalized and in bad condition. Another monument for migration in remote provinces. A stork sits in its nest on the roof of the school, the only loyal soul that has stayed in this place, no matter the empty classrooms and broken windows.

1836 - second day

2016-05-30 1836 route around Latvia

On the second floor of Verner’s cottage, we are woken up by the smell of coffee and sun rays, which shine through the large window looking out to river Salaca.

Journey begins!

2016-05-27 1836 route around Latvia

Finally, the time has come! Today we start the expedition for foundation 1836, in which we will conquer 1836 kilometers on off-road motorcycles around Latvia and mark the most interesting roads, trails and spots on the border.

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