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1836 journey around Latvia has begun. Follow our route on the map.


1836 - third day

2016-05-30 1836 route around Latvia

The intrusive mosquitoes and the plops crucians make in the pond wake us and we enjoy one more beautiful Latvian May morning. We pack up and go explore the old Ipiķi School which was built in 1939. Sadly, it is vandalized and in bad condition. Another monument for migration in remote provinces. A stork sits in its nest on the roof of the school, the only loyal soul that has stayed in this place, no matter the empty classrooms and broken windows.

1836 - second day

2016-05-30 1836 route around Latvia

On the second floor of Verner’s cottage, we are woken up by the smell of coffee and sun rays, which shine through the large window looking out to river Salaca.

Journey begins!

2016-05-27 1836 route around Latvia

Finally, the time has come! Today we start the expedition for foundation 1836, in which we will conquer 1836 kilometers on off-road motorcycles around Latvia and mark the most interesting roads, trails and spots on the border.

Trailer about Latvian motorcyclers in Georgia

2015-11-24 On The Way of Freedom in Georgia

During the "On The Way of Freedom" travelers expedition to Georgia the documentary movie "On The Way of Freedom: Georgia" was filmed, now the trailer is ready for viewers.

Twenty third day: On The Way of Freedom!

2015-06-12 On The Way of Freedom in Georgia

At the moment when we are packing our motorcycles in the minibus, I start to realize that our trip has come to an end. We’ll be leaving for Riga tomorrow, but for Gvido, who is taking our rides to Riga by bus, the adventures will continue.

Twenty second day: Tbilisi.

2015-06-11 On The Way of Freedom in Georgia

Our adventure is coming to an end. Oskars gives the interview to the Georgian television. We visit some parts of Tbilisi.

Twenty first day. A farewell to the monks.

2015-06-10 On The Way of Freedom in Georgia

Around 10 a.m., we say our goodbyes to the kind monks, which we have befriended in the last 2 days. We drive in direction of Tbilisi because we have no time left for Vardzia.

Twentieth day. The fascinating Berta monastery.

2015-06-08 On The Way of Freedom in Georgia

We leave the comfortless place of the Marani twins in Napareuli early in the morning. Our destination for today is the monastery of Vardzia which is carved into a rock. We have to drive 250 km east from Kakheti. If we used a map, it would supposedly be smarter to go to Borjomi and then turn down, but we choose a less important road through serpentines South of Tbilisi.

Nineteenth day: Pankisi

2015-06-06 On The Way of Freedom in Georgia

The day before yesterday we rolled into a village called Saboe, it’s located 7 km from Akhmeta. It’s hard to find a place to spend the night around here, so the house on the banks of Ilto, where a Chechen woman called Iza is kind enough to offer a place to stay, is worth mentioning. 20 lari for a bed, 40 lari if you choose to also have a tasty dinner and breakfast and 50 lari if you also want wine with your dinner. A lot of wine. 1 eur-2,50 lari.

Eighteenth day: Descrying Omalo.

2015-06-05 On The Way of Freedom in Georgia

Through the night, the rain keeps pouring over the soppy Georgian mountains. In the morning, we take in the sky not without worry, but we decide that this is the day to try and conquer the mountain pass. We are treated to an asphalt road from Akhmeta to Lechuri. We try to ask every bypasser about the conditions on the mountain pass.

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