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New conditions forced to change initial plan. New mission was to explore Caucasus region and especially Abkhazia – internationally disputed territory inside Georgia’s borders. Abkhazia wants to be independent for many years.

The whole trip was documented in photography and video footages with aim to show for the people travelling conditions on the way to and in Caucasus region.

Still some time is needed to finish our extensive documentary film, but for the joy to our spectators trailer has seen the daylight.

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Trailer of Baizeļi is ready!

2014-11-06 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

This spring on the expedition to distant Georgia on the enduro motorcycles went four Latvian adventurers, who had a mission to explore this country from motorcyclist point of view, but because of unexpected problems their route into Georgia was closed.

June 2. On the way home.

2014-09-08 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

Russian transit visas are open for 4 days and that means our adventures in Abkhazia are over. One thing is clear- for a place like Abkhazia, a week on a motorcycle is not enough. Maybe two weeks would be enough. But we have an idea of this place and more than 10 hours of filmed material, so the film is not going to be boring. We spend the last evening on the coast of Black sea, to get proper rest.

May 30. Beauty of Abkhazia

2014-09-08 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

We are 1700m above sea level. From our camp to mountain crossing is a 10 km long road, which as locals say, is manageable only with old Russian Vaz or vehicles equipped with tracks. We decide to try, because true off-roads like this we have not had a pleasure to enjoy. Climb is steep, at the top altitude is 2200 and probably still is covered with snow. We dispatch unneeded cargo and leave all our luggage in base camp. We bring along only the most necessary things and our filming equipment.

May 29. Cave of Abraskil.

2014-09-08 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

We continue to admire the land where the time machine has thrown us 50 years back. Here, in the South, the people are even more kind than in the large cities. They wave, stop and want to talk and invite us to their tables. We drive through the spooky city Ochemchire, where every third building is a witness of war. They have been burned down, destroyed, pierced with bullets. Before war, the city was populated by Georgians and Megrelians mostly, but now, the properties have been denationalised and it is not clear how and if they keep track of things here.

May 27. Local police.

2014-09-08 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

Unplanned solutions and motorcyclists daily life in Abkhazia. The rain follows us until Suhumi, where the sky starts to clear. The road condition is good, but you have to pay special attention to Abkhaz drivers. Also, you have to watch out for cows and such, because they often appear on the road. There are almost no ATM machines except the ones in Sukhumi.

May 26. Abkhaz Miron.

2014-09-08 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

The tourism season hasn't started yet so finding accommodation is not a problem. An Abkhaz man named Miron lives in a house with his family and also offers travellers accommodation in the couple of free rooms they have. There's a large roofed terrace in the yard with a kitchen and tables. Here, the family and guests communicate and socialize. The room costs 2000 rubles (35 euros) a day.

May 24. To Abkhazia!

2014-09-08 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

The mountains are covered in clouds again. We check the weather forecast and it seems like nothing will change in the following five days. The weather seems to be better at the Back sea, so we decide to take the chance and try to enter Abkhazia, which was Georgia's territory until early nineties, and Georgians and most other countries still consider it Georgia.

May 23. Caucasus

2014-09-08 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

It's sunny again! We meet a traveler with BMW R1200GS Adventure. This guy is followed by a crew in a bus. He is on his way from Vladivostok to Turkey. The Turks are already aware of the situation on border and consider entering through Dagestan or Azerbaijan. They explain us why it won't be possible to cross the sea to Trabzon by ferry: a few days ago, Turkey has closed its ferry line with Russia as an answer to the activity in Ukraine.

May 22. Deciding moment.

2014-09-08 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

The rain has stopped, but the mountains are still covered in fog. As it turns out, we are in a sacred place which was closed for everyone but Osetians until the Soviets came in. I go on a walk with Oskars, we are headed to a waterfall which is located a few miles away, and we plan to meet the knowledgeable Osetian Elan, who takes care of the sacred places here. Elan tells more about history of the valley, the complicated relationship between Osetians, Georgians and Ingushetians. But we have to keep going.

May 21. Looking for new ways.

2014-09-08 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

A helicopter which frequently flies over the snow capped mountaintops to Georgia is visible from our hotel room window. The rescue and search for the missing people are still on. The glacier landslide has covered 300 m of the road and taken 6 trucks with it, ruptured a gas pipe and filled up river Tereka. Seven people have died and many are still missing.

May 20. Surprise on Georgian border

2014-09-08 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

We don't care much about pleasant weather now, because we are having unpleasant difficulties with crossing of Russian-Georgian border. Main problem is that, this is the one and only border crossing named Verhnij Lars. At this moment you realize the simplicity of traveling in Europe. It is different here. We were ready to enjoy "Paradise named Georgia" this evening as one of the Baizeļi Oskars said in a recent interview. We are outside our dream land and we have no idea when or how we gonna cross the border.

May 19. Rostov-Stavropol.

2014-09-08 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

The weather keeps pampering us. Today, everyone has woken up earlier. Usually, this happens around 7 am, then we have a breakfast together, then checkups for the motorcycles, then packing and attaching the panniers. All of this usually takes us around 3 hours, so we rarely leave camp earlier than 10 am.

May 18. Summer!

2014-09-08 Diaries of Baizeļi: Expedition to Caucasus

It already smells like summer here. We open the swim season in river Danube. The water is ~18 degrees celsius. It looks like it's going to be a hot day, so equipment is stripped down to minimum. The wind has calmed, so driving is pure bliss. Further south, the road conditions get worse, but we are not bugged by this. It's really hot, approximately 30 degrees at noon.

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